In a previous blog I talked to you about thinking like a business owner and about creating a vehicle which is “The Business” rather than a self employed job or “your business”. – Read it Here

Today I want to talk to you about something you are going to have to get to grips with to make that happen – Outsourcing

You really can’t build a business that works even when you aren’t if you try to do everything yourself!

I know that you get this in theory, but I also know that you will be feeling some resistance to letting go of your business, to handing over to someone else things that you have always done yourself. Even if you are not an out and out control freak, chances are you are telling yourself some story about why you can’t let go of some or all aspects of your business.

But you have got to move away from believing that your clients need you personally to do everything.

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The truth is, your clients come to you because they want results and they don’t really mind whether or not you personally handcrafted everything for them.
They don’t mind if you didn’t lovingly upload every single autoresponder, if you personally created the PowerPoint presentations that you used in your programmes. They don’t know about that and they don’t care about that, they just want the results you promised them.

And you also need to remember you are not always the best person to do what needs to be done to make sure that they get those results – you are just not!
That is what you have to get away from, believing that you have to do it all yourself, you really don’t.

Let’s just talk about some of the reasons, objections and justifications that you are giving yourself for not outsourcing, and see if they really stack up!

“By the time I explain it to someone else, I could’ve done it myself”

Yes this time, but what about next time and the time after that? If you are busy now and you think you don’t have the time to create the system, process guide or instructions that will allow you to outsource, then this is only going to get worse as your business grows. The more clients you’re working with, and the more you’ve got going on, the less time you will have to create the systems and processes.

I am pretty sure that when you decided what you wanted your business to do for you it didn’t include being tied to your laptop for 18 hours a day!
If you are serious about growing your business then you have to recognise that if you keep trying to do it all yourself, then that is what you will end up doing, and it will take you longer to get the business where you want it to be.

“I Tried Outsourcing Once Before and It Was a Waste of Money”

So you hired someone to do a job for you, and what came back wasn’t what you wanted at all, and you ended up doing it again yourself to get it right.

It’s disappointing, I know, but that shouldn’t mean you give up on the idea completely.
There are some things you need to understand, and get right, if you are going to get good results from outsourcing, and many of the problems that you may have experienced can be overcome by following some guidelines.
I have created a free resource guide that covers my top tips for effective outsourcing – you can access it in The Coaches’ Zone Facebook Group

I can’t afford to outsource yet! 

This is probably the most common objection. My dear you can’t afford not to. It is as simple as that. I’ve talked before in a previous blog, about how money loves speed and how the faster you can get things done, the more momentum and confidence you develop in your business, in you, in where you are going, and in what you are doing.

This won’t happen if you are spending, or should I say wasting, hours and hours trying to work out how to use a bit of software, or uploading emails into an autoresponder sequence, or filling in spreadsheets when you hate filling in spreadsheets. You need to be spending your time and energy on income producing activities and where you are creating value for your clients, that is how your business will grow and you need to be doing that from day one.

The faster you get your programmes created, the faster your clients can access them, the faster they get the benefits, the faster you get the feedback, the more your confidence grows, the more your business grows, the more your income grows.

So, to say you can’t afford to outsource yet is doing yourself down and it is limiting your business.  I know, especially in the early days, money can be tight but this really is an important mindset shift, and you have got to adjust your thinking if you are telling yourself you can’t afford to outsource.

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you that building a business that does what you want it to do for you, your dream business, can’t be all about you doing everything.