How quickly do you get things done?

In particular, how long does it take you to create content, especially for your products?

Are you able to create a new product or freebie quickly and get it out there so your clients can get the benefit of it, and you can build your list and generate an income from it?

Or are you like most coaches who fret and faff over it for what seems like forever!!

Most of you take way too long, and that’s seriously damaging to your business and your confidence.

Products that are still under development and not available for sale aren’t helping your clients with their challenges, and aren’t bringing an income into your business. And let’s face it – a business without an income isn’t really a business now is it!

On a personal level, the longer it takes you to get a product out, the more you fret over it. You question your content and yourself – will it be good enough, will my clients like it, what if nobody buys it?? You get yourself into an ever decreasing circle of self doubt and more faffing – it’s so unhealthy for you!

The fact is that you won’t know what anybody thinks of your product or of your content until you put it out there.

When you do, there will be some people who love, love, love it and there will be some people that it just doesn’t resonate with. That’s fine, you can’t appeal to all of the people all of the time.

The important thing is that you are giving those who are going to love it the opportunity to get the benefit of what you have got to share with them, and they can start getting results.

Results are what builds momentum.

When your clients start getting results, you get the feedback, you learn more about what they need from you, your confidence grows, and you’re inspired to do more.

As you start to see the results in your business, your next product then becomes that bit easier because you are happy, you know what you are doing, you are more confident and you start to gather momentum.

You actually start to feel the success and it gets to be fun!

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Focus on Results

What do your clients really need to get from you to get the result that you’re promising them?
If you find yourself faffing over the image that you want to use in a presentation, ask yourself if a different image or a different colour will really impact on whether or not the client would get the result that you promised them? 99% of the time it is not going to.

If you are procrastinating over presenting your content one way, ask yourself why? Is there another way that you could do it that you would be more comfortable with?
If you hate seeing yourself on video and you know that’s what is stopping you right now, find another way to present that content, maybe you could just do it as a PowerPoint presentation video that you would be a lot more comfortable with if it means you can get it done now.

We can deal with your phobias later when you are feeling more confident and there is less pressure on you to do it 🙂

If it is technology that is slowing you down, don’t wait until you have learned it all yourself, find someone who does know how to do it and ask them, or better still outsource it to them.

Getting your product created is as much an inner game as it is knowing about the technology and getting things done.

Ask yourself ‘what is the minimum that I need to do to be able to deliver what I promised to my clients?’ and then ‘what is the fastest and easiest way for me, who I am and where I am now, to get that done?’

None of this comparing yourself to what other people are doing or how they are doing it, just focus on what your clients need and what you are comfortable with doing and get it done.

Remember, Money Loves Speed and Results Build Momentum

Karen x