In my last article I spoke about how creating a successful business is a journey, and about how important it is to establish your Point A – where your starting point is now.

This week I want to take a look at clearly defining your vision of your business and why you want it.

The keys words here are YOUR vision of YOUR business and why YOU want it.

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All too often I see Coaches struggling to build a business because what they are trying to create is what other people have told them they should be trying to create. We are so lucky in our profession that we get to share our knowledge and expertise with people to make a difference in their lives and I know that for a lot of you reading this your main driver is not to create a great big empire with a turnover of £millions, you want to reach people and you want to make a difference in this world.

So, for us, I think we need to carefully examine on a really personal level, the critical question – what is MY vision for MY business, how do I want it to look, what do I want to be doing in it, who do I want to be working with (and that is really very important), and why do I want to be doing that?

Because you see, it is when you get clear on the what and the why, that you can really focus in on what needs to be done and, more importantly, if you are working towards your own goals, your own vision for your business and creating something that is truly in line with your values and with what you want to do outside of your business too, then you will have the passion for it, you will have the motivation to do what needs to be done.

So long as you are struggling to create something that is somebody elses’ vision of how your business should look, you will continue to struggle and it won’t work for you.

So your Point B then, the destination for your business journey has to be your dream, it has got to be in line with your values, your vision and what is important and what matters to you.

Equally important is your “Reason Why”.

Why is this vision of your business so important to you? What will achieving it mean to you? How will it affect you and those you love? A strong “Reason Why” is a massive motivator when you are in business. If you know why you are doing something, if you have a strong reason why that really touches you, that really motivates you, then you will get out of bed in the morning wanting to get on with it. If you are working towards something that somebody else thinks you ought to be doing then you won’t, you have got a job! You are not doing what is really truly in tune with you and your purpose.

So your challenge for this week then, is to clarify Your Vision for Your Business, not goal setting or actions plans, but the big picture vision of what you want and why.

Rather than approach this from a Business Planning or Goal Setting perspective, which is led by your head, let your heart take the controls and take you where it wants you to go. I think you’ll find the destination will be more desirable, and the journey more fulfilling

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