Strategy Session & Monthly Laser Calls

Hello 🙂

As you have arrived at this page, it means you and I have had a conversation about us working together to get your business up and flying.

The Plan, as we discussed, is that we do an inital Strategy Session to get you really clear about what you are doing, and to map out your Business Blueprint.

We will then follow that up with monthly Laser Calls to keep you on track and put it all in place.

The next step then is for you to set up your payment facilities, using the button below

Once that’s done I will contact you again to set a date and time for your Strategy Session, and the regular slot for your monthly Laser Calls (if we haven’t already done that)

I will also send you a Business Diagnostics document to complete ahead of your Strategy Call.  This gives me a bit more information about where you are now, so we can focus our time together on where you want to get to, and how we get you there.

Just Click on this Button to set up your payments


Your payment is collected securely by PayPal
The immediate payment for the Strategy Session is £247
The recurring payment for our Monthly Laser Calls is £127.
The first recurring payment will be collected one month after your intial payment for the Strategy Session and will continue each month. There is no minimum committment period for the monthly payments, you can stop them at any time – you are in complete control

I am looking forward to working with you, and helping you to build your business (and yes, I really do mean that – you wouldn’t even be looking at this page if we hadn’t talked and I hadn’t already decided that I would enjoy working with you!!)

Talk soon

Karen x