In last week’s blog I talked about how you can take your Freebie from Frumpy to Fabulous, and say “Hello” to your new subscribers in style.

That post was all about how you present your freebie, using images, audio, video and different formats to give it a little pizazz
You can read that one here if you missed it

I mentioned that even if your content was great, but it was presented badly, it might not get read, and that wouldn’t do much to get your relationship with your new subscriber off to a great start!

That seems to have raised another question – what content should you offer as a Freebie?

What information or resources should you give away to your potential clients that will make them want to sign up to get it?

People are a lot more reluctant to give up their email address these days, and they will not sign up to get any old rubbish, ie something they neither want nor need.

I’m sure you’ve had that awkward moment when someone gives you a gift and when you open it you thought to yourself “what was he thinking, why would he even vaguely imagine I would want this” as you smile politely and say thank you.

So, to answer the question, you need to get into the head of your ideal client ask yourself a couple more questions.

What is she struggling with right now, that I could help her with?

What is she actively looking for help with – specifically – that if I could solve for her right now, she would love me forever?

Let’s take the example of a Menopause Coach, someone who works with women who are trying to deal with all of the ‘stuff’ that goes with that stage of their lives

Now one of the big yukkies of the menopause is night sweats
(Any of you who have been through this, or are going through it, will know what I’m talking about – for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure yet, well take my word for it – it’s a real pain!)

A great freebie for the Menopause Coach to offer might be some tips (that work) for how to alleviate the misery of night sweats and get a decent night’s sleep.

Anyone who is suffering from them would be happy to sign up to get that freebie.
And she will want more help from the wonderful Menopause Coach who solved that problem, to deal with all the other ‘little challenges’ that she is also facing.

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So in short then, the content that you provide in your freebie(s) should be exactly what your ideal client is looking for right now.

If you don’t know what that is, then maybe you need to do a little more research about your ideal client, or you could ask – do a little survey to find out maybe!

I hope this post has got you thinking about how you can offer a freebie that really hits the spot.