Do you want bigger, better results in your business in the next 12 months?

When you get to this time next year, and you look back at what you have achieved, how would you like it to be different to this last year?

Will you have served more clients, created your on-line programmes and passive income streams, written your book, and finally hit your income targets!

If it’s going to happen, then NOW is the perfect time to set yourself up to make it happen.

In fact, this is not just the best time, it’s critical that you do it now!

It’s no good waiting until January, you need to get organised now so you can start making your dreams a reality in the New Year.

NOW is the time to set your Goals, and just as importantly, plan out how you are going to achieve them.

Most Coaches are pretty good at setting their goals – it’s what we do with our clients all the time.

But, working out what to do, and when to do it, is a bit more tricky.

Some find it difficult to plan ahead all of their business and marketing activities, getting overwhelmed by thinking they have to do it all at once.

Others focus on the wrong targets and activities, wasting time on ‘stuff’ that makes them feel busy, but isn’t actually productive.

And then there are those who just like to ‘go with the flow’ and do what feels right at the time. Interestingly, that approach usually results in you working harder, and not getting the results you want, because everything is last minute and done in a hurry.

Truth is, planning in advance actually takes the pressure off – when you do it right.

The clarity and focus you get from seeing exactly where your income will come from, and what you need to focus on each month and week, helps to avoid overwhelm and makes you much more productive.

It prevents that awful feeling you get when you’re at the start of a new month and wondering where the next client, and the money, is coming from.

And here’s the surprising bit. Far from stifling your flow and spontaneity, it frees up your energy and creativity because you’re not overwhelmed and frantic!

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So now that I’ve hopefully convinced you that you need to plan for next year NOW, here are some hints on how to approach the planning process.

Crunch the Numbers

The usual advice is to break your annual income goal down into monthly targets, and that’s a good starting point. But it’s not enough!

You will get a much clearer picture if you work out how many programmes, memberships, and coaching packages you will need to sell, at what price points, over the course of the year. And then work out how many of each of them you will target for each month

Plan out Your Promotions

Armed with how many of your programmes/packages you need to sell, you can now work out how often, and when, you will launch and promote each of them, and how many clients you need to say “yes” each time. Set your intentions!!

Once you know what you will be promoting each month, you can plan out your marketing content – relevant to what you are promoting.

Set Deadlines and Targets

Working around what you plan to promote each month, what needs to be in place?

Do you need to create programme content? If so, when does it need to be ready?

What freebies and launch material do you need to have ready beforehand?

How many new subscribers do you need to add to your mailing list?

Having deadlines and targets gets you really focused on what activities you need to be concentrating on each month.

Once you have planned out the next 12 months like this you can get fully focused in January and get your year off to a flying start, instead of messing around on the wrong stuff, or wondering what to do first.

How good will that feel?

Karen x