“What if ….?”

Two very powerful little words

And how you use them can either have a massively positive effect on your business, or it can keep you stuck and struggling.

Let’s imagine you’re all set to take a big step forward when you start running some of these scenarios around your mind and the “but what if” kicks in.

What if I run a launch, but nobody signs up to my programme, I’ll look silly.

What if I only get one or two people on my programme? The people who did buy it will know I only got a couple of signups – how embarrassing!

What if the people who did sign up to my programme don’t think it’s good enough?

What if they ask for a refund?

What if I start my membership group and only a handful of people join and it feels like a ghost-town?

What if I increase my prices and it puts more clients off working with me?

This is mind-mischief telling you it’s actually safer not to offer, not to push, not to try, than to face the embarrassment that you would feel in any of those situations. Best not risk it says the part of your sub-conscious where your mind mischief lives – time to evict it!!!

And all the while you are fretting over the “What ifs” you are not promoting yourself and your business, and you are not getting clients or making money!

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I know it happens – a lot. I actually had a client who had gone to all the trouble of creating her webinar to promote her programme, written and scheduled all of the emails, and promoted it heavily on Facebook. But then because she didn’t get any signups immediately, she hid from it. She actually pulled back and stopped telling anyone about it. When I questioned her on it, she said “but what if I only get one or two, I’ll look like a failure.”  Serious Mind Mischief Alert!

The ‘What if’ will happen sometimes. But really what’s the worst case scenario? You might run a programme launch and not get a single client buying. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. You can look at what you did, what worked and what didn’t, learn from it and do it better next time.

And so what if you do only get a few clients signing up when you run a programme launch, that’s fabulous! You got some new clients who you can now work more closely with to help them to get great results, and turn them into raving fans 🙂

A Membership Club with half a dozen Members is better than no Club at all, it gives you a chance to develop strong relationships with them, and you can always run another promotion to get more new members.

So what if you put your prices up and it puts some clients off working with you, you won’t need as many anyway to make the same amount of money, and work less!!

Start today changing any of your negative ‘what ifs’ into ‘so what ifs’ and look for the positive and the opportunities they present.

Karen x

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