The beautiful butterfly (or flutterby as I think they should be called – much more descriptive name for them) spends her life fluttering around from one pretty flower to the next in search of more nectar to drink.
She doesn’t seem to have any kind of plan, or sense of direction, she’s just looking for the next flower, wherever it happens to be, or wherever the wind blows her.

It seems to work ok for her, so long as there are enough of the right kind of flowers she gets to feed, and survives to produce of her own young.

However, it’s not such a good strategy for succeeding in business, and if you’re being a Business Butterfly, there’s a better than good chance that you’re not getting great results.

You’ll know if you’re a Business Butterfly if you find yourself trying one tactic after another, trying to generate some sales, and get more clients, but with no real plan of what you are going to do when.

You might see another coach launch a little thirty day programme, or an email course, or a paid for class, or whatever, and you think “oooh that looks like a good idea, I’ll do that.”

And off you go, starting from scratch on something new, thinking it won’t take you long to pull it together, and make some sales!

Except it never really seems to work does it?

What usually happens is that you end up with lots of ideas for products or programmes you could offer, and different tactics you could use to promote them. But because you’re trying too many things, you’re completely lacking in focus, and you aren’t giving anything long enough to work.

Often, out of your desperation to try and get some cash in, you actually end up starting to create lots of different things and have nothing finished and ready for sale. Paradox, isn’t it?

So this flitting from one thing from another can do your income more harm than good.

More importantly, it definitely damages your confidence! Flitting from one thing to another without giving anything a fair chance to work, makes you start to doubt yourself and whether anyone will ever buy your stuff.

It also sends you into an ever decreasing spiral of feeling overwhelmed, lacking focus and procrastinating like a pro – which leads to even more overwhelm ……. you get the picture I’m sure!!

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The antidote to the ‘Butterfly Effect’ is to have a plan, and follow it.
Here’s what you need to do:

  • Decide which programmes and packages you want to offer to your clients over the next 6 months
  • Create a schedule for when you are going to promote and launch each of them.
  • Plan out what you need to get done, and your marketing activity in line with your schedule
  • Work the plan – stay focused

I know, making it sound simple eh?

It is simple – but not always easy, because all kinds of mind mischief get in the way, and stop you from committing to it.
You need to trust in yourself, and trust that your plan will get you the results you want – if you execute it!!

It will work, and it’s a whole lot less exhausting than trying to create lots of different things, and frantically trying to sell them!!

Karen x

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