I absolutely LOVE my Membership Club, and the gorgeous Coaches in it

Just this morning one of my Members shared with us something about her business that had been stressing her but is now resolved, and how grateful she was for the support she had received from the other lovely Members.
The overwhelming response from those other lovely Members was to offer her even more support, and cheer her on!

I feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful group, and so happy I created a facility to bring them together

But that’s not the only reason why I love Membership Clubs, and why I think you should too!

They are also very good for your Coaching Business, and I believe every Coach should consider including one in their service and product range

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Here’s why:

Leverage of Your Time

Just like any other on-line programme, once you have your Membership site set up, and fully automated to deliver your content at the right times to the right people, you don’t need to be there with each client as they work their way through it.

So whether you have 5 or 50 or 500 Members, it doesn’t take 10 or 100 times as much of your time to look after them.

I’ve written about the whole concept of leverage in a previous blog, so if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can read that here

Builds a Loyal Community

A Membership Club gives you a platform to gather a group of clients around yourself who value you, and what you do, and who appreciate the ongoing support you give them.

And, just as importantly, it creates a community who support each other!

This is huge. I told you right at the start of this article about how that was happening in my Club this morning.

Your Members will get better results from being part of your Community, than they would if they were just sitting at home trying to work through an on-line programme alone. And Clients getting the results they want is exactly what we want – right 🙂

It’s also a great support mechanism for you!
When you get to see the difference you’re making in your Community, it motivates and inspires you to do more. There’s nothing quite like seeing the benefits your clients are getting from working with you, and the progress they are making, for spurring you on to reach more of them.

Oh and one more thing about nurturing a loyal community – they will spread the word about what you do, they will tell other people and recommend it to them. And as we already know, recommendations speak far louder than you shouting about how great you are!

Pool of Potential Clients

Your Members are also those people who are most likely to invest more with you. They have already demonstrated that they like what you do in the strongest way, by putting their hands in their pockets and paying you, even if it is just a small monthly amount.

So when you launch a new programme, or offer some personal coaching, they will be the ones who will be first to say yes.

They are also the perfect people to ask what they would like you to create to support them further. When you have an idea for a new product or programme, you can ask your Community for feedback, and then be sure that you are creating something that other potential clients will want to buy.

Recurring Income

This is income that is derived from something that you create and sell once, and then earn from for months, or years ongoing. And this is exactly what you get from a Monthly Membership Subscription.

You create the club and the content once, you sell it to each Member once, and then the payments from that Member come in month after month.

As you add in new Members, the amount of recurring income you are earning increases month by month. You can build up the numbers of Members to a level that provides you with good steady income every month

That Takes the Pressure Off ….. Big Time!!

When you know you have your monthly bills covered, you have more ‘Mental Freedom’. You can operate from a place of abundance and service, instead of worrying and grasping to get cash in. Your creativity is freed up to think about how else you can serve, and grow your business

Now you might have heard some Coaches saying that they don’t believe a Membership Club is worth the time and hassle, or that they find it tough to get and keep Members in.

And whilst I agree that you have got to keep marketing to attract new Members, and there will be folk who leave again, it has not been my experience that it’s not worth it – quite the contrary.

However, you have got to get it right!