The lovely Ladies from Sky’s The Limit Radio invited me back this week to continue our conversation about Success Mindset for Women.

If you missed the first show, you can catch up with it here

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In this one we started digging a little deeper into the Mind Mischief that holds you back and how to deal with it.

I talked about how you can spot your triggers and the behaviour patterns you revert to when mind mischief is messing with you, and what to do with that awareness.

There’s lots of tips in this one for how to ‘dismantle’ your fears and beliefs, so you can give the Mind Mischief a bashing and go after the success you deserve!

Here’s the recording for you to have a listen to

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and whether you had any “Oh, that’s me” moments, so please do pop over to the Coaches’ Zone Facebook Group and let me know

Karen x