I made another guest appearance on Sky’s the Limit Radio this week – I do love doing these shows 🙂

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This time we were talking about how to banish the dreaded Overwhelm, so you can get the stuff that really needs doing, and will get you the results you want, actually done!

You can listen to it here

Overcoming Overwhelm to Get Results

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The Key Points:

Step 1 – Brain Dump
Clear everything out of your head.
Overwhelm and lack of progress usually comes from having too much going on in your head – so get it all out

Step 2 – Get Clear
Having a Big Vision for your Business is crucia, but big picture think can often lead to flitting and overwhelm and part finished projects
Create Short Term Objectives to get you focused on a specific project

Step 3 – Get Focused on Results Driven Activities
Not all actions are equal – concentrate your time and energy on the tasks that will deliver the biggest results

Step 4 – Find the Quickest & Easiest Way
There is always more than one way to do anything – don’t choose the most complicated or time consuming

Step 5 – Eat the Elephant
Detail the Baby Steps to Achieving Your Short Term Objectives

Step 6 – Set up a Single System
Have just one place where you record all of your “To Dos” and your “Dones”.

Step 7 – Allocated Focus Time
Set aside short timeslots of no more than 2 hours to focus on the priority tasks that will meet your short term objectives.

And Finally – Get Out of Your Own Way
Get into Action – we talked about this on a previous show Action Kills Fear!