Is your business suffering because you’re being a little over-zealous in exercising Pest Control?

No, I’m not talking about wandering around your garden with a can of insect repellent, blasting the life out of the little critters that are eating your hostas, or smothering your roses.

I am talking about a nasty kind of mind mischief that stunts your ability to make money, and grow your business.

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It’s when you hold back on marketing your business, and offering your coaching programmes and services, in case your followers and subscribers think you are being a ‘pest’.

You desperately don’t want to be seen as someone who is ‘pushy’ or too ‘salesy’ or an inbox invader (that’s my technical term for someone who sends me way too many useless and/or annoying emails)

And you’re right not to want to be any of those things – especially the inbox invader, you definitely don’t want to be sending your subscribers rubbish!

However …… your perception of what constitutes you being a bothersome ‘pest’ is almost certainly not the same as the criteria the people you are talking to use to decide whether or not they consider you to be a ‘pest’.

That’s your mind mischief getting the better of you!!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in regular contact with your followers, and subscribers, and offering them the opportunity to buy from you, or work with you.

In fact, you cannot be in business if you don’t make offers, and you cannot make offers if you’re not in regular contact with your subscribers.

There is no point in having a loyal following on Facebook or any other platform, or putting in the effort to build a lovely big email list if you’re not in contact with them, if you’re not making them offers.

So yes it is perfectly ok to send someone who has signed up to get one of your free offers a series of follow up emails, where you provide them with more useful information and also give them a chance to buy a programme that will help them even further.

And if they aren’t ready to take the next step with you right then, it’s fine to stay in contact through regular emails, where you continue to build your relationship with them, by providing relevant and useful information and insights – and giving them more opportunities to work with you!

If a subscriber doesn’t want to receive your emails, they can always unsubscribe (make sure there is always a link in your emails for them to do that by the way) and that’s fine too. It is not a judgement about you, it just means they’re not really your ideal client.

The people who do love what you do, won’t see you as a pest at all. They will stay on your mailing list, and so long as you stay in regular contact, and remind them of the ways they can work with you, there’s a good chance they will become paying clients.

If you don’t, they might forget about you and go to someone else when they are ready to make a buying commitment And we don’t want that now do we!!

Karen x