Remember the old typewriter – I do (giving my age away here) Technology was so much simpler back in the “olden days”

These days it can seem a little overwhelming, there’s so much of it out there! But what do you really need to create fabulous on-line content for your clients? How do you decide which to use, without spending a fortune on different bits of software, not to mention endless hours of your life, trying work out how to use them!

You can stop fretting now – I’ve done it all for you. I’ve spent the time and money working it out, and discovered it’s actually a lot simpler than I thought!!

Here’s my favourite tools that I use to create the content for my on-line programmes and products:

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1. Screencast-O-Matic

My favourite format for creating product content is video. And “screen capture” videos are made super easy with this tool. You just bring up on your computer screen whatever you want as the visual for your video, maybe a PowerPoint presentation, fire up SOM and talk over it. SOM records your screen and your voice together to create your video – simple! And at less than $20 per year, it definitely won’t break the bank! Get it Here

2. A Top End Video Recording Studio and Professional Team

Only joking – you really don’t need anything like that to create engaging and effective content You talking directly to your clients in a video is a very powerful way to deliver your coaching products. They get to see and hear you, so they feel more connected to you. And you can convey the message you want to get across much more clearly using your voice and expressions. The good news is you don’t need fancy, expensive video equipment and a studio to create really effective video content for your products. Just switch on your webcam or iPhone and start talking! Don’t worry if it’s not a top notch production, what’s important is the message and what you say, not how professional or “produced” the video is

3. Audacity

This is a great and FREE tool for recording great quality audios for your clients that they can listen to whenever and wherever is good for them. You can add in a music background too, which is perfect if you want to provide meditations as part of your programme content. Get it here

4. Canva

I love Canva! It’s a great way to add some visual oomph to your content with top quality images. It’s super easy to use, has loads of free images (and even when you need to pay it’s only $1 per image) and you can create your images in exactly the right size to suit wherever you want to use them

5. Free Stuff

Microsoft Office (or MAC equivalent) You will already have this installed on your PC, and you’re likely already using most of the different elements for other stuff. You can create workbooks, cheat sheets and Resource Guides easily in Word or PowerPoint and save them as PDF files. You can create PowerPoint presentations to record over using SOM to create videos, You can use Excel to create ready made calculators for your clients to use. The possibilities are endless – and all from software you already have access to!

There you have them, my Top 5 Product Creation Tools that I use all the time to quickly and easily create content. Between them you have all you need to create yours, and best of all you don’t need to spend a fortune. The only one you need to pay for is SOM and that is less than $20 per year!

Karen x

Before you start putting these tools to use, make sure you are using them to create something that people are going to want to buy!!