I might be about to upset a few people here, but my honest belief is that you should focus on just one, and ignore any other opportunities, that are not directly related to that business.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having more than one business interest, but a big mistake is to try to start and build more than one at the same time – jeez it’s hard enough to get one off the ground!

It takes time and energy to build a successful business, and you need to be completely focused on your goal, and what you need to do to reach it.

If you are trying to build two businesses at the same time, you are seriously diluting the amount of time and energy that you can devote to either. And you can’t be completely focused on two things at the same time!

The only possible result is that neither business progresses even half as well, or as fast, as it would if you concentrated on just one.

Apart from diluting your focused time and energy, it also dilutes your message, and therefore what people perceive that you do.

I see Coaches on Facebook and Twitter who are, under the same profile, promoting their coaching one day, and their other business the next.

Sometimes they even promote the products of their second business on their coaching website.  This is not a good idea! It confuses your potential clients, they aren’t sure about what you do exactly, and we know that your website should make it very clear who you work with and what they can expect to get from working with you.

Occasionally there is enough synergy for it to be OKish, for example, a health coach recommending health products, but a marketing or spiritual coach offering beauty products – I don’t think so!!

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People who are successful at running multiple businesses are those who have set up one, complete with systems and processes so that it can be mostly run by other people, and then transferred their skills, contacts, and what they have learned, to the next.

The interesting thing is that often people will start the second business to supplement their income, as their main one isn’t doing so well.
I understand that the need for income is very real, and so it may seem like a good idea to hedge your bets and try to set up a second income source that isn’t reliant on your coaching business.

But I honestly believe it is counter productive, and that you would do better to put the time and effort into looking at what’s working, and what isn’t, in one business, and doing more of what is, to get it working properly

When you do get the first business to a point where it is generating you the income you want from it, without you having to put a ton of work and hours in, then you may decide you don’t need the second. Or if you’re up for another challenge, you can go for it, and have fun with it 🙂

Karen x

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