What is your attitude to money. If I were to ask you ‘do you want to make more money?’ I suspect I would get one of two broad answers to it.

The first would be ‘hell yeah Karen, why do you think I am reading this’ and the opposite side to this would be ‘oh no no, money is not important to me at all\’.

Well both answers are wrong, and both answers are right!

The simple truth of it is as Zig Ziglar so cleverly put it ‘money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it is reasonbly close to oxygen on the got to have it scale’, and if you have no money then you are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Your choices about everything and anything from the food that you eat to the house that you live in, to the way that you spend your time, to the contribution you can make are severly limited if you have got no money.

Having more money gives us more choices and the more choices we have, the better choices we tend to make, which really means that money cures a lot of the problems not having money causes.

The point really that I am wanting to make here is that there is nothing wrong with wanting money.

I have often heard people say that ‘money is not important to me’ and generally it is either because they already have more than enough so it’s easy for them to say that, or they are really justifying to themselves why they don’t have enough.

They are kind of kidding themselves that it is ok to be short of cash, that it is somehow noble.

Very often when you dig a little bit deeper into that you find that they have been raised with some kind of limiting beliefs around money.

The opposite side to that are people who want lots of money, who think they want money for money sake.

They don’t!

You don’t really want money for money sake.

When you think about it money is just a bunch of paper and coin. What you want is the choices and the freedom that money gives you.

So if your answer was ‘hell yeah course I do’ then look a little bit deeper and find the real meaning in it for you.

It is important for you to think about what having money means to you.

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What choices would having more money give you that you don’t currently have?

I am not talking here about your choice of yacht or your choice of villa in Monte Carlo, I am talking about your choices right now, today. Choices that you feel you would like to have that you don’t currently have because of your money situation.

Let me explain to you what I am trying to get to here.

You see for me, I don’t want to be the next Warren Buffett, I don’t need to be a billionaire, I really don’t. What money means to me is freedom and time. I love to travel, to go wandering, to go walkabout. That is how I love to spend my time. Having enough money gives me the freedom to choose how I spend my time.

What choices would having more money give you?

For those of you who think money is a bad thing and it is not important , consider what choices having more would give you in your life for yourself and for your family? What doors would it open for you that are currently closed to you? How would it improve your life and the lives of those people around you?

For those of you who said ‘hell yeah I want more money’, what does that mean to you, what would it do for you? You want more money so that you can have what, or so that you can do what, or so that you can be what? I am going to be honest here, I suspect it is not so much the ‘have’ it is more the ‘do’ or ‘be’ that is likely going to be important to you.

Another thing about money is how it affects your level of contribution. You see when you have got more than enough to meet your own needs, you have then got some left over to make more of a contribution and help other people.

This might be by actually making charitable donations. Or it might be if you have more than enough money coming into your business, if you have set it up so that you have recurring income, then you can spend your time doing things that you wouldn’t get paid for by doing charitable work. You can’t do that if you are too busy trying to keep a roof over your head.

So why is your attitude to money so important at the end of the day?

Well if you think wanting more money is a bad thing, even on a sub-conscious level, you will self-sabotage and stop yourself from making it. You can set yourself all the income targets and goals that you want, but the little voice in the back of your head will stop you from doing what you need to do to hit those goals.

If you are not making as much as you need to, or would like to, check in with yourself and see if you have got some kind of negative beliefs or associations with money. Identify how they may have held you back in the past, and when and how they raise their ugly heads, so that you don’t fall for their mischief in the future.

Better still, come and join us in The Coaches Zone Facebook Group, and let me help you to unearth and dismantle those beliefs, so you can make the money you deserve!

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