You’re probably way too young to remember the original TV series “The Lone Ranger”, the first shows were aired between 1949 and 1957!!

But you have no doubt heard of him and his trusted companion Tonto.

You’ve probably also heard the term “Lone Ranger Syndrome”, it’s quite a popular saying.

It’s usually used when people are talking about someone going it alone, or trying to do everything themselves.

But that’s not quite accurate, because even the Lone Ranger himself had someone at his side – he had Tonto.

I dare say the Lone Ranger wouldn’t have been able to deal with anywhere near as many bad guys as he did without Tonto’s help. In fact the story goes that he wouldn’t even have survived if Tonto hadn’t come along!

Everyone needs a Tonto

And it’s the same for us. None of us can really do it all alone. We all need someone at our side guiding and supporting us.

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Running your own business can be a very lonely journey, and it can be all too easy to get lost and find yourself going round and round in circles, getting nowhere fast, or even getting completely lost and giving up on the journey completely.

It’s much easier when you have someone that you can bounce ideas around with, or go to when you’re feeling stuck.

Someone who sees where your mind mischief is playing dirty tricks on you, and can help you to give it a good bashing so you can get past your blockages.

Someone who can see other options and possibilities for you that you’re missing, because we all know that sometimes you’re just too close to see it for yourself.

Someone who can show you a quicker, easier route to where you want to get to.

You know what I’m talking about – these are all the things that, as a Coach, you do for your clients!

But who do you turn to, who is your Tonto?

If your business isn’t where you want it to be yet, then there’s a good chance it’s because you’re not getting the guidance and support you need.

So do yourself a favour and go find yourself a Tonto. Find someone who understands your business, and the challenges you face. Let go of the need to do it all yourself, and ask for help.

Or better yet, get yourself a whole team of Tontos, surround yourself with people who will support you and lift you, and your business, up to new levels.

The Coaches’ Zone is a Community of Coaches who would fill that role beautifully for you.

It’s my Free Facebook Group and it’s full of wonderful, supportive Coaches who nurture each other as they grow their businesses.

They are more than happy to share what they have learned with each other.
They will point you in the right direction if you get a little lost.
They will be your cheer leaders when things go well, and celebrate your successes with you.
When things aren’t going so well, we will help you to see why, and give you a hand up to get you back on track.

Pop on over to and join us – we would love to welcome you to our community

Karen x