A client transformation path is a series of products, programmes, and services that you offer to your clients, which are designed to help them grow from one level to the next, and to help you increase your lifetime value per client.

When they first find you, your clients will have a specific challenge that they want help with, and of course you’re going to help them with that and get the result they want.

But it doesn’t end there! I’m sure we all know that once a client has overcome one challenge, they start to see more possibilities for themselves, and they are ready to take things to the next level. And it makes good business sense that you have a way they can continue to work with you to help them to get to that next level, rather than have them go and find another coach to work with.

Similarly, if you only offer programmes at the higher level, you will miss out on those clients who need help to get started.

Think about it, you wouldn’t take a teenager who had never driven a car before and put them behind the wheel of an 18 wheel truck, or a formula one racing car and expect them to be competent at driving either of these specialist machines. You would teach them the basics of driving, and road awareness in a standard small car first, and then develop those skills to the next level.

Let me give you an example from my own business.
I believe that there are essentially 3 stages to the growth of a coaching business:

1. Those who are just starting out and trying to get their first clients.
2. Those who are growing and looking for more ways to deliver their coaching and make money.
3. Those who are already successful but want more leverage, so they can get more of their time back.

Today all of my programmes are designed to help my clients at those different stages of growth, and form a clear client transformation path.

No matter where my potential clients are when they first find me, I have a solution for them to get to the next level.

This concept of a client transformation path accelerated and streamlined my business, and it can do the same for yours too.

Take a look at how you work with clients.
Are there phases to your work with them? Is there a beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced levels that you can take your clients through?

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Once you have identified what the stages are that your clients go through in their development or transformation, you can then create programmes and coaching packages that are relevant to those stages.

This is better for your business as your clients can stay with you and continue to work with you, so increasing your client retention rates and income, and it’s also better for your clients to have stages in their journey.

Your challenge now then is to identify the phases of your ideal client’s transformation, and how you could create your programmes to allow them to start and complete their journey with you.

Karen x