Design Your Dream Business

The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint


Are You passionate about coaching and making a difference?

Do You love the idea of having a fabulous Coaching Business, where you get to work with loads more clients, make the kind of money you know you deserve, and still have the time freedom for all the other things that matter to you in your life?

You know it’s possible, you’ve seen other Coaches do it.

So why don’t you have it yet?

Why is it that you:

Don’t have enough clients, and aren’t making enough money

Are busy, busy, busy but getting no where fast!

Are marketing your little socks off, but feel like nobody is listening

Are watching your ‘competitors’ doing so much better than you

Are overwhelmed, frustrated, disheartened ……. and probably broke!

It’s because you haven’t been taught the
“Business of Coaching”

Here’s the good news – like everything else in life – it’s actually EASY once you know how! When you break it down, there are just a few key principles you need to focus on and get right – the rest is all fluff and distraction.
You CAN have the Coaching Business you Dream of having!
I’m going to show you how YOU can have a Coaching Business that allows you to reach as many clients as you want to, provides you with the income you deserve, and lets you have the lifestyle you want.

Design Your Dream Business
– The Ultimate Coaching Business Blueprint

The Design Your Dream Business Programme is especially for Coaches, just like you, who know they have so much to offer, who know they can help their clients to get the results they want, and make huge transformations in their lives.

In it, I’ll show you how you can create just 3 Key ways of working with your clients, that will:

Help you to attract More Clients by giving them options about how they work with you
Provide You with Multiple Income Streams
Allow You to Maximise the £ Value of Every Client
Give you flexibility in how you deliver your coaching

You’ll also learn how to create a Marketing System that works even when you’re not!

No more marketing mayhem with you wearing yourself out trying one tactic after another without results.

Over the course of the programme, you will create your Membership Club (you need less than you think to get started and earning from it), get your Signature Programme all mapped out and ready to launch, and put together your VIP Packages for big pay days.

And in case you were thinking that this might just be more information that you won’t use – think again!

This programme is all about action and implementation.

You will get loads of support and guidance from me to help you put it in place, and if I see that your Mind Mischief is blocking you – well we will deal with it ;-)

I’ve been a Coach now for over 10 years, most of them helping other Coaches to build their businesses.

It took me some time (years if I’m honest) and I spent a lot of money, as in many £1000s, on my own training and development, but it finally clicked for me.Picture7 copy

I finally worked out what was needed to have the Business I wanted.

What actually worked for me, and would also work for the Coaches who are my clients.

In this programme, I’ll share that with you, and show you exactly what you need to do to create and grow your Dream Coaching Business.

I’ll hold your hand and show you how to apply a simple Business Model and Marketing Strategy that gets you results – on your terms!

Here’s what we’ll cover in the Programme

Module 1 – Business Matters


– You will get really clear about what you want from your Business, and what you need to be focusing on to make it happen for you

Business Goals & Benchmarks

– you’ll create your goals for your Business, and learn how to use benchmarking to make sure you hit them

Get clear about your Ideal Clients

– you’ll get right into the head of your ideal client so that you know exactly how to connect with them and get them to listen to you

Client Needs and Journey

– you’ll learn how to make sure you are offering your clients exactly what they want, so they stay with you and buy from you

Price Points

– I’ll show you how to decide how much to charge for each of your programmes and services

Your Income Targets

– we’ll work out how much you want to earn, and how you can achieve your targets to give you financial security and freedom

Create your Personal Business Model

– based around 3 Key Offerings, that is completely in line with what you want out of your Business, and what is important to you

Module 2 – Marketing Systems

Marketing Plan

– you’ll create your own personalised plan that fits with your business model and works for your ideal clients

Your Irresistible Free Offer

– how to create a free offer that gives your potential clients exactly what they need now, and makes them want to hear more from you

List Building

– how to build a list of people who are interested in what you offer so you can literally create “money on demand”

Email Marketing

– how to follow up with your list to turn them into buyers

Product Launches

– how to promote your programmes to reach the maximum number of clients and buyers
Module 3 – Membership Club

Why I LOVE Membership Clubs

– and you should too! I’ll explain why this is the BEST kind of income to have, and why I believe it should be the foundation programme of every Coach’s Business.

How to Structure it

– what to include, at what levels and price points. You’ll learn how much content, and access to you, to give your Members so they feel they are getting fabulous value – without overwhelming them with information, and you with work!

Who, Why and What

– You’ll get really clear about who your Membership Club is for, and why they would want to join – and keep paying month after month!

Building Your Memberships

– you’ll learn some nifty little strategies for getting new members into your club, and equally as important, retaining them and upgrading them to higher levels of membership

Setting Up Your Membership Site

– everything you need to know about how to set up your Member’s site so that it works on auto-pilot, and I’ll show you how quickly you can get this done so you are being paid to create
Module 4 – Signature Programme

Positioning You

– why your Signature programme positions you as the “go to girl” and sets you up for higher pricing

Who, What & Why

– you’ll work out exactly who your programme is for, what they need from you and why they will buy it

What to Include

– I’ll share my method for working out what to include so that your clients get results

Client Interaction

– how much to include,  in what format and at what price points

Programme Structure

– you’ll learn the different ways you can structure your programme and which is best for you and your clients
Module 5 – VIP Packages

Positioning & Pricing

you’ll learn how to set yourself up so you can charge top prices for your VIP Coaching

1:1 Coaching

– how to create offers for your clients that move you away from the £ per hour trap

VIP Packages

– we’ll explore all of the different ways you can package up a VIP offer for your clients, at what price points,  so that you can decide which way works best for you

Moving Clients Up

– how you can move your clients from your Membership or Signature programmes into your VIP – without it feeling like a “hard sell”
Module 6 – The Techy Stuff

Content Creation

– how to quickly and easily create exciting content that your clients will love! I’ll show you just how easy it can be

Automation & Systems

– how to put them to work so you don’t have to

Membership Club Set Up

– how to set up and automate every aspect of it, including automatically registering new members, collecting monthly subscriptions, and drip feeding the correct content at the right time

Setting Up Shop

– everything you need to know about how to set up your website as a 24 hour virtual shop and delivery system, where you clients can buy and access your programme any time of the day or night, and from anywhere in the world, without any input required from you.

…….. And we will ‘deal with’ all the Mind Mischief that will crop up along the way :-)

Every Module includes a Mindset Matters session that will help you to deal with the mind mischief that threatens to stop you – oh yes we go there!!!

I was absolutely blown away by the content in the Coaches Business Blueprint Programme.

This is not the type of course that skims away on the surface and leaves you scratching your head about what to do next.

Not only does is cover comprehensively every part of what you need to know, Karen shares with you her insight and knowledge both in the tutorials, content and in the FB support group. She even covers the techie bits too!

If you are serious about selling your knowledge through online sales and membership clubs, this is the package to buy.

And if it doesn’t happen, it’s only down to you because there’s everything here to get you up and running.

Christine Ware

Graduate Career Doctor

Here’s How it’s Delivered:

The entire programme is delivered on-line, which means you have 24 hour access to the modules, and you can work through them when it’s good for you, and from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll have access to the Modules indefinitely, so you can go back and watch them again as often as you need to.

Webinar Workshops

A series of recorded Webinar Workshops, broken down into bite sized chunks to make it easy for you to learn and then implement.


A comprehensive Workbook to help you to apply what you have learned in your business


MP3 recordings of all of the webinars so you can listen to them in the car or wherever you want!

Video Tutorials

Step-by-Step, click this button here, type tutorials to show you exactly how to set up all of the ‘techy’ bits – making the complicated nice and simple!


Resource Guides

Additional resource sheets and checklists to help you with all of the techy bits

It's everything you need to make it work for you

Working with Karen on The Coaches’ Business Blueprint was exactly what I needed to move me and my business forward.

I was in a constant state of playing with ideas, trying this and that and not getting myself out there.

Keeping myself stuck was the reality I was in.

Karen gave me the support, tools and the accountability for me to do it and to finally get myself out there.

I am now excited to be working on my own business full-time and making 2015 the year it happens.

You are a fabulous lady Karen Rutter – thank you!

Tracey Tait

Transcend You

Is This for YOU?

Well if any of these apply to you:

You are serious about growing your Coaching Business
You are ready to stop trading your time for money and start profiting from your expertise
You want a simple yet effective model to follow that will get you results
You want to work with more clients, get paid what you’re worth and not be tied to your laptop 24/7 while you do it
You know your Mind Mischief is holding you back and you want to push through it!
You want to save yourself months, or even years, of trial and error and disappointment

…… then Yes!

 Soooo lovely Coach

– are you ready to let me help you to cut through all of the fluff and distraction and get serious about creating the Coaching Business You Dream of having?

Join Me in The ‘Design Your Dream Business’ Programme Today

No more messing around trying to work it out for yourself and getting stuck!
I can show you exactly what to do and how to do it – so let me save you all of the frustration and wasted time!
The sooner you get started the sooner you will be enjoying all of the benefits of working with More Clients, making More Money and having More Time Freedom!!
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