In my previous blog post I talked about the benefits of clearly defining your Vision of your Business and why you want it, and following on from that I’d like to talk to you some more about Clarity, in fact I going to talk a lot more more it

Because I believe that Clarity is one of those magical things that you just can’t have enough of!

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In fact I would suggest that having absolute clarity about every aspect of your business – what you are trying to achieve and why, and how you are going to make it happen is the biggest single factor to ensuring your success. I know this because I have worked with so many business owners who have transformed their business and their lives just by getting clarity about it. That is not to mention the difference it made to me in my business and how I approached it.

When you have clarity you can be much more focussed on your end goal and that in turn makes you more effective because you can then put all of your time and effort into what will help you to achieve it.

Without clarity you are a bit like a ship lost at sea, just going wherever the wind takes you and you could end up going around in circles getting nowhere. I know, I have seen it, I have done it and I have got that T shirt!

I also know that right now you might be thinking that ‘but Karen I have my business goals, I know what I am aiming for but I am still not getting there so this clarity thing is not as big as you say it is’.

Now, if that is you well congratulations on having set goals for your business, you are a step ahead of most, but if you are still not getting there, you are not clear enough and you haven’t got to the level of clarity I want you to get to.

Let me show you what I mean using The Coaches’ Zone that I created as an example. I had the idea for this a couple of years’ ago and dutifully I incorporated it into my business goals, including the number of members that I wanted to have, by when and at what monthly fee and I knew I wanted to provide guidance, support and resources to help you build your business.

So you might think I was clear about it, I knew I did. But The Zone didn’t become a reality for a long time because for way too many months I faffed around with it, not getting it done and not making it available.

It wasn’t until I got to a point where I was absolutely clear about who it was for, what you needed from me, what content needed to be in it, how I could best deliver it, and how it needed to be structured that anything really started to happen with it.

Once I did get to that level of clarity, it really all came together quite quickly and relatively easily. Instead of faffing around and changing my mind about it, I got really focussed and simply set about putting it together. I had wasted months of time and mental energy that I could have saved myself if I had just taken the time at the start to get really clear about what The Zone was really all about, and how I wanted it to be made available.

Now I won’t pretend that it was easy to get to that level of clarity, it does take some effort to get to, but if you’re prepared to put in the effort now, you will reap the benefits and save yourself a whole lot of wasted time, money and energy.

There are 3 key areas that you need to get clarity about in as far as your business is concerned:

You and what you want Your Business to do for You
Your Clients and what they want from you
Your Role in Your Business and what you need to be doing

I’m going to concentrate on the first one today, and then cover the other 2 over the next couple of weeks.

As a coach, consultant or trainer you are not in the business of selling pizzas, widgets or commodities, you are actually in the business of selling yourself, your knowledge, your expertise and your skills. In fact, in most cases, you are your business’s unique selling point (USP). You are what distinguishes your business from everyone else offering solutions to your marketplace.

So it is really important that you are clear about who you are, about what your highest values are, where your unique strengths lie and how you personally communicate and connect with your clients. I know this might sound a little bit obvious but it never stops surprising me just how many business owners think they have to conform to the market norm, to talk like every other provider in their marketplace, it’s nonsense. You are at the core of your business and you need to be fully in tune with and operating as your authentic self.

Once you have established who you are, the next area is to get clear about what you want your business to look like, and what you want it to do for YOU.

This is very important and I hope you noticed that I emphasised the word YOU.

If you are going to put effort into creating a successful business, it might as well be on your terms, in fact, I would argue that it must be on your terms or you just won’t have the commitment and the enthusiasm to make it happen.

I’ll give you an example, I worked with a client a few months back and she had really lost her mojo around her business.

She felt it wasn’t going anywhere and she really wasn’t putting in a whole lot of effort into to trying to take it forward. It turns out she had been listening to other people who were telling her what she could and, indeed, should be doing with her business and it really wasn’t what she wanted. What they were telling her to do wasn’t how she wanted her business to look and it certainly didn’t fit with her values and what she wanted out of it.
Once she got to clarity, and decided to create her dream business, ie a business that was in tune with her authentic self, that was in line with her values, that was structured in a way that allowed her to do the other things that she wanted to do; once she got to that point and got really clear about what that meant for her, she found a whole new enthusiasm and energy for her business and her business is now going great guns and she loves it. It is going from strength to strength.

For you, what I would really like you to do is to detail out the structure of your business, including what you do in it, how much time you spend in it, how you deliver your products and programmes to your clients, how much income each area generates for you, who else is involved in it, ie maybe a Virtual Assistant (VA) or web designer etc.

It will take you some time and effort I know, but I promise you it will move you forward so quickly when you know exactly what you are creating and why you are creating it, and you will have that real clarity about what you are doing.

Next week, we’ll be looking at how you can get to clarity about your clients, and how doing so will massively impact your business results.

In the meantime, if you could use some help getting clear about what you’re doing with your Business, then pop on over and join us in The Coaches’ Zone Free Facebook Group.

You will get access to a fabulous Community of other Coaches to bounce your ideas around with – and my help!

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