Over the last couple of weeks I’ve talked about having absolute clarity about what you want from your business, and what you are trying to achieve. I’ve also talked about how important it is to be crystal clear about who your target client is and why they would want to work with you.

This time I want to show you how having this level of clarity can make you so much more productive and effective in your business

You see, once you have got clarity in these key areas, you can then use it to filter everything you do in your business and to make sure it is moving in the right direction.

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You can now map out what needs to happen, by when, how it needs to be done, who needs to be involved, what you need to be doing etc to really get your business where you want it, and then you can focus in on just those key steps.

Because you have got that clarity you won’t be flitting around trying one tactic after another, getting confused and overwhelmed about what needs to be done, it will be obvious.

That is the beauty of clarity, it just lays everything out so clearly for you that you just know what needs to be done next, there is no debating about it, there is no indecisiveness, and as a result there is no time wasted!

Let’s look at how you can use your newly found clarity to filter your daily activities and get the results you want faster.

It really comes down to asking yourself 3 key questions:

  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. Why is this important?
  3. What outcome am I looking for?

Here’s a quick example of how you could use them.

Let’s imagine that John Smith has invited you to his webinar on ‘Using Social Media in Business’.

The first use of the questions would be to help you to decide whether you should attend the webinar at all. Why would you want to attend, what would you be looking to learn, why is that important to your business? It’s important that you filter how you spend your time, and only do things that you can clearly identify as being of benefit to you and your business. This is one of the keys skills thaat really successful people possess, it’s why they seem to get so much more done, and make faster progress, despite having exactly the same amount of time in a day than everyone else!

Assuming you decide that attending the webinar is a good use of your time, you can then use the questions to get clarity about what you want to take away from it and how you can use it in your business.

This is a completely different mental approach than just turning up and listening. Your mind will be “tuned in” to pick up on the information you need, and will filter out the rest of the noise; and you can have a plan in advance of how you will use the information, and then implement it immediately.

These 3 simple questions provide a great filtering mechanism, which can hugely improve your effectiveness and productivity.
You might want to write them down and stick them on a wall somewhere you can see them, and then use them on a daily basis, and for everything you are about to do!! They will help you to stay really focussed on what you need to be doing.

Remember this little line:

Clarity = focus = results

Staying focused, and not being distracted by everything else that is going on around you, can be quite a challenge – especially when you work by yourself.

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