Continuing with the theme I started last week about having absolute clarity around your business, this time I’m going to talk about why you need to have clarity around who your clients are and what they want from you, and how doing so will massively impact your business results.

We’ve recently been covering this very topic in one of my coaching groups, and the ladies in it have been experiencing the benefits of being very clear about who their target client is – in very real terms!

How clear do you need to be?

The clearer the better. The more you understand who your target client is, what’s important to them, and what they are looking for, the better you can communicate with them, and let them know what they will get from working with you.

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At the very least you should be able to answer these questions:

  • Who are they – what’s their age range; are they single/married/divorced; what’s their profession or business; how much do they earn?
  • How do they behave – what do they read; what do they watch on tv; are they on-line – to do what; do they engage in social media?
  • What are their buying habits – if they were going to buy what you’re offering, where would they go to find out information; do they buy on-line; how much do they spend?
  • Where can you find them – are they on-line, and if so where; do they attend networking events – which ones; are they members of groups or associations?
  • What’s their Painful Problem – what is it that they need to sort out badly enough to pay for a solution?
  • What do they really want ? More specifically – what do they want to get from working with you?
  • Why is it so important to get to this level of clarity?

Marketing is the life blood of your business.

If you want attract a steady stream of potential clients, you need to have a strong marketing message that speaks directly to them and their needs. And you need to be communicating that key message in the right places to the right people.

Without this level of clarity, you really are stabbing in the dark in all of your marketing and in everything you do, you will have no real marketing message, you will have no idea where to go to find clients.

You’ll go to networking events, and talk to people and hand out business card;, you’ll distribute your flyers and leaflets; you’ll spend countless hours on Facebook or Twitter or other social media; you may even waste money on advertising space.

And yet you won’t get referrals from the networking, the phone won’t ring, and no-one will make an enquiry from your website or your flyers.
You won’t even really be able to create any kind of saleable product or programme because you won’t know if it provides the solution anyone is looking for!

So, your turn!

Do you have this level of clarity about who your target clients are?

Is it clear to your potential clients what they will get from working with you?

Next week, I’ll digger a little deeper into how having clarity about your business can have a positive impact on your activity and productivity levels, and of course, ultimately your success.