Are you a little Magpie?
Do you regularly find yourself collecting bright shiny objects?

Now of course, I’m not asking you how much jewellery you’ve collected over the years or whether you prefer diamonds or rubies (I would never say no to either by the way)

I am talking about the bright shiny objects that appear on your radar every day, promising to make your business bigger, better, easier, more profitable etc etc etc

The latest “thing” that you’re told you’ve just GOT TO HAVE if you’re going to stand a chance of succeeding!!

They come in the form of training or coaching programmes, email marketing or sales “systems” – with fancy names that hint at secrets you don’t yet know about, new social media platforms, and new whizz-bang software and technology that you must start using now!

It seems like every day there’s something new to attract your attention – and to take your focus away from what you were doing.

And that’s why being attracted to Bright Shiny Objects is a BAD thing!!

They make you flit from one to the next, collecting them all, but never actually fully using or implementing any of them.

Before you’ve had a chance to put one system into place and get it working for you, another better one comes along and grabs your attention.

You buy a bit of software, but before you’ve had time to work out how to use it properly, the new better version is available – so you have to get that too.

You can actually get to a point where you buy something, and then remember you already bought a very similar thing months ago, but haven’t used it yet.

Now this is all great for those who are selling the BSOs, but if you’re the little magpie, it’s not so good for you!

You can end up wasting an awful lot of money, time and energy on these BSOs without ever seeing a return on your investment

The real trouble with the Magpie Effect or BSO Syndrome is that it distracts you into trying lots of different tactics, instead of staying focused on your strategy and plan.

And when you are constantly distracted by BSOs, and trying different tactics, you never fully utilise the information or tools you already have access to, or give them time to work.

Here’s my suggestions for a better approach.

Go back to the training courses or coaching programmes you have already bought and ask yourself:
a) Why did you buy them in the first place, what did you want to learn?
b) Are they still relevant?
c) Have you implemented what you learned, or is it just more information that you haven’t done anything with?

If they are still relevant, but you haven’t done anything with it, well then get on with it and get implementing!!
There really isn’t any point in collecting information, or buying more, if you don’t do anything with it.

The same goes for any software or systems you have purchased or are subscribing to.
What were you thinking you would use it for when you bought it? Are you using all of the functionality to full effect? Could it do more for your business – if so, put it to work.
And remember, there is no point in buying Version 2 if you’re not using Version 1.

Get into the habit of implementing and fully utilising what you already have before you pick up another BSO.

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If you are tempted by the sales pitch for the latest whizz bang miracle working ‘thing’, ask yourself how you could use it right now, and what it would do for your business that your other ‘things’ can’t.
And also question if it’s in line with your plan, with what you were going to do anyway, and whether it will help you to do it better and/or faster.

If it is and it would, then fab – get it and use it, if not – don’t get it!!

Karen x

PS. It’s actually an old myth that Magpies are attracted to bright shiny objects. In fact recent research suggests that they are scared off by them, which is interesting, as Magpies are also considered to be very intelligent birds!!!

PPS.  Checking out what’s really useful and what isn’t worth bothering with, is something we share a lot in The Coaches’ Zone Facebook Group
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