Your Freebie is your way of introducing yourself to your potential clients.
When people sign up to get it, they are letting you know that they have at least a passing interest in you, and what you do.
It’s usually their first experience of you, your work, and how you could help them.
If you’re doing list building right, it’s the start of a ‘conversation’ where you build a relationship with them by sending them relevant and useful information, and then inviting them to take the next step to working with you.
So it makes sense to me that you would want to get that ‘conversation’ off to a great start with something that says “Hello” in style!
Why would you want a new subscriber (aka potential Client) to download your Freebie and think “meh, it’s OK but …’ and forget about it and you?
Even if the actual content of the Freebie is really good, if the way you present it is flat, frumpy and boring, then it might not even get read!
Frumpy – drab, old-fashioned, and unattractive
On the other hand, if you provide a Fabulous Freebie, that is exciting and engaging, your subscribers (aka potential clients) are much more likely to use it, and pay attention to what you have to say!

And creating Fabulous Freebies really doesn’t take any more effort, and certainly isn’t more expensive. There are some great free tools you can use to add some sparkle.

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Here’s a few ideas for you to play with:
Give them something they can use
A PDF download can be more than just a report You could create Resource Guides, Planners or Workbooks, that they can use on a regular basis – keeping you at the front of their mind!
Make it Visually Stunning
You can use a free tool like Canva to create great designs and images that will bring your freebie to life and give it some pizzazz
Talk to your Potential Clients
Let them hear your voice – literally. Audio downloads are easy to create, convenient for your subscribers (they can listen while they are doing other stuff) and communicate your personality much better than written reports
Make it more ‘real’ with Video
Now don’t start shaking in your shoes here! We both know that video is a fabulous way to connect and engage with people. It’s the next best thing to meeting in the real world, and it gets your relationship with your new subscriber off to a much more personal start
Make it a Series
One of the problems with a bog standard report is that the person who downloaded it may only look at it once (in fact some don’t ever get read at all) If you turn your Freebie into a series, you have multiple opportunities to connect, and encourage your subscribers to engage with you, as you deliver the goodies to them
Your turn – how could you make your Freebie Fabulous? Take a peek at what you are currently offering and see if you can make it more exciting and engaging