Do you ever find yourself putting off the things you know you ought to be doing either in your business or in your personal life? I do!

In fact, it’s not just the things I ought to do, sometimes it’s even things I want to get done.

I’ll start a day full of good intentions with my To Do List in front of me and then it kicks in.
Instead of cracking on with the list I notice that my office looks untidy so I tidy it, or I’ll go check for post, and I better just have a quick check of emails. Oh and 5 minutes on Facebook, yeah right, as if Facebook was only ever 5 minutes.
Before I know it half the day’s gone and that list of things I had wanted to achieve today hasn’t even started.

I swear some days I really do get on my own nerves messing around.
Yes it’s true, I am, by nature, a Procrastinator!

Procrastination really is quite simply putting off doing something now.
It could be anything from loading up the washing machine to making a phone call to an interested, potential client; from making an appointment at the dentist to setting up a sales page on your website; from taking the dog for a walk to writing your script for a webinar to build your list, or even to sitting down to write a blog about Procrastination!!!

The consequences of procrastination can range from relatively trivial things like missing the movie you wanted to see because you’ve procrastinated over getting ready to go out, and by the time you get to the cinema it was sold out, all the way through to spending your whole life in a job you hate because you procrastinated over taking that first step to starting your own business – and so many in between.

Just thinking about it in terms of your business, if you procrastinate over booking into a networking event until after the event has passed you will lose the opportunity to possibly meet a new client. If you procrastinate over creating your freebie, every day you don’t have it available for potential clients to sign up to is another day lost in your list building, which in turn means you have got fewer people to promote your programmes to, assuming of course that you have got one and that you aren’t still procrastinating over creating that too!

And they are just the tangible consequences, the measureable lack of progress. The worst kind of consequences of procrastination is what it does to you psychologically and emotionally.

If you procrastinate over a task often or long enough you turn it into a kind of monster. Every time you put off tackling it, it seems to get bigger and bigger, and more and more difficult. You end up blowing it out of all proportion until it almost feels impossible, and then you get annoyed and frustrated with yourself because you know you should be able to do it. You know you can do it, but the disempowering self talk starts to get the better of you and you begin to doubt yourself and your ability, and that makes you procrastinate even more.

So how do you know when you’re procrastinating? Well sometimes it’s easy to spot, like when you sit down to do something and instead start messing around on Facebook, checking emails or you find yourself getting the fonts and colours just right on your ‘empty’ sales page, but other times it’s not so obvious.

Other times your subconscious gets into mischief mode and starts playing tricks with you.

There’s the perfectly valid unforseen reasons why you can’t do something, like your laptop stops working or your internet goes down etc. In all honesty you know you could find a way around it if you really were inclined.

Then there’s the justifications. This is when you subconsciously create a perfectly valid reason why something just can’t be done and you consciously believe it. You are convinced by your own subconscious argument.

Things like being convinced that you cannot write good quality content while sat at a computer. It blocks your creativity, you need quiet and pen and paper to be able to write properly, and so if you don’t have the right environment you have a great excuse for not writing!

And don’t forget the 3 little devils of procrastination that mess with your head and stop you getting stuff done – overwhelm, lack of confidence and fear.

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Overwhelm is that awful state of mind where you are either looking at all of the things on your To Do List, and there are so many, you just feel like you don’t know where to start. Or you have imagined a job to be so big that you don’t believe you can ever find the time to ever get it done. The very thought of tackling either makes you feel hopeless and confused and even physically wound up and stressed out – result you do nothing!

If you lack confidence in your abilities and skills then you will procrastinate about putting together your programmes, or even just your freebie, you will procrastinate about marketing yourself and your business, you will hide and you will not let your light shine.

Last but by no means least of the 3 little devils is fear – in all its ugly forms!
Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of getting it wrong, fear of getting it right – it goes on and on. It is amazing the avoidance tactics we’ll use to avoid facing what we fear!!

So what can you do about it? How can you stop yourself from “Procrastinating like a Pro”?

Talk about an open-ended question, there could be an entire book series in the answer to that, and there are already thousands of books out there dealing with the very topic!

You could do some work on yourself, identifying what your fears are, where your insecurities or lack of confidence comes from, and then work on “fixing” yourself – but that could take some time, and it could be argued that it would just be another form of procrastination!!

Or you could get yourself some accountability, and blast through what needs to be done, despite all of your “flaws”!

There’s nothing quite like having someone, or even better, a group of people who won’t let you off the hook, who will call you out on your excuses, to make sure you do what you say you will do.

And here’s the interesting thing, once you start getting stuff done, you start seeing results, your confidence builds, the things you thought you were afraid of seem less daunting, and procrastination loses it’s power over you!

So go find yourself a good support network where you can get that level of accountability, and where you can get advice, ideas, fresh perspectives and lots of encouragement to get on and do it.

You might want to consider joining us in The Coaches Zone Facebook Group – we do a lot of devil bashing for each other 😉

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