I’m sure, like me, you spend a fair old chunk of your time marketing your business, so you want to be sure that what you are doing is hitting the mark, and that you’re not wasting any of that time

Here’s 6 quick things you could today – ‘cos little things can make a big difference!

Look at Your Website with Fresh Eyes

Your Website is your ‘shop window’ to the world
It’s really important that it is aimed at your ideal client, that it will attract the right people who are likely to become paying clients.
Take a look at yours through the eyes of your ideal client.
Is it talking to her, would the look and feel of it appeal to her, do the images speak to her?
Would it be glaringly obvious to her that she was in the right place?
Would she believe you are the right person to help her right now?
Is it clear to her how she could work with you?
If you think you might be suffering from ‘word blindness’ about it – ask one of your clients to take a look and give you some feedback

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Have a Clear Call to Action on Your Website

Do visitors to your website know what it is you want them to do next?
Or do you just let them browse around and leave again without offering them a way to let you know they are interested in what you do?
It is very rare that anyone will actually buy on their first visit. It is also very rare that they will use the contact details or form you provide, to get in touch with you. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested in what you do.
So you need to make it very clear to them what they do next, with a clear Call to Action.
And this would normally be to sign up to your Free Offer so you can start communicating with them through email
Take another peek at your website – how obvious is yours? Don’t assume people will go looking for it.

Add a Video Message to Your Website

While we are on the subject of your website and talking to your ideal client, here’s a little challenge for you that will really help you to make a connection with your website visitors.
Create a welcome video and put it on your Home page.
Say Hello, and tell them who you are and how you can help them
You don’t need any fancy equipment or a studio, you could just use your webcam or phone.
And as it only needs to be a minute long, you could get it done today

Use an Email Signature

Every email you send out has the potential to be a form of marketing.
It is the quickest, easiest and cheapest thing you can do to market your business and /or a particular product or programme.
By simply creating an email signature with a link to sign up to your free report, or webinar, or to your Facebook page, or a sales letter for your product, you are subtly promoting your business in every email you send.
So easy, so effective – it would be a shame not to use it don’t you think?
Oh and by the way – include a photo of you if you can

Add Your Freebie to Your Facebook Page

It used to be a bit of a faff to put your Freebie offer onto your Facebook Page
Not any more! The Call to Action button makes it super easy, and doable in just a couple of clicks.
So no excuses – the more places you promote your freebie the better!
Here’s where it goes

Do A Guest Spot

OK so this one will take a little longer to organise and set up, but it is worth it!

A great way to widen your reach and influence is to tap into the audiences of others who serve the same people as you.
You can do this through guest blogs, appearances on radio shows, being interviewed on Podcasts, being a contributor to a Telesummit, sharing what you know on a joint webinar – there are so many possibilities!
All you need to do is find other people who serve the same target market as you, but in a different way, and approach them to talk about how you could add value to their subscribers.
NB – Please always remember that the people you might want to approach have put a lot of time and effort into building, and developing their relationship with, their mailing list, and they will want to get to know you and the value

Karen x