When you want to attract more clients, sell more of your coaching programmes, and give your income a boost, it’s easy to imagine it’s going to take something big to make a real difference.

But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes just doing simple things can have a surprising effect on your results.

Here’s 5 quick and easy things you could do TODAY

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Ask for Testimonials
You can shout from the roof-tops all day long about how good you are, and about the results your clients get from working with you – and you should!
But what is a whole lot more powerful than that, is when your Clients tell the world how great you are and the results they got from working with you
Testimonials are the BEST marketing you could ever ask for!
If you haven’t been asking your clients for them – do it now – just ask. I usually find that clients I have helped are more than happy to write a few glowing words.
If you already have them, then make sure you are using them.
Post them on your website AND in your social media posts -spread the good word as far as you can!

Ask for Referrals
A referral from existing client is probably one of the easiest ways there is to get new clients. People are much more likely to buy from you if they have been recommended to you by someone they know.
Trouble is, most Coaches shy away from doing it.
They feel a little ‘icky’ about asking a client to supply names and contact details, let alone making the calls to those people.
A more comfortable way is to let your clients know that you are ready to work with more clients, and let them know that you would love it if they could suggest you to others who they feel could benefit from working with you.
And of course, you can always offer an incentive, either financial or a gift for each referral received
So start having the conversation with your clients.

Raise Your Prices
This is the simplest way that I know of to increase revenue into your business. It is just so easy to do. All it takes is an update to your website or a change in conversation next time you are talking to a potential client.
Just a 10% increase in your fees or in the price of your programmes, will make a significant difference to your bottom line income. And the beauty of this is your clients probably won’t even notice it.
Now I am not suggesting that you suddenly tell existing clients that you are putting their fees up, but certainly if it comes to a point where you are reviewing or renewing your arrangement with them you could do it then. And definitely any new clients that you are starting to work with could be at the higher price. For your on-line programmes, just change your website and re-price them at 10% higher.

Add a Super Deluxe Offer
There are some people who will buy everything you’ve got to offer. You have existing clients and people on your list who will buy the highest-priced thing you can imagine putting together.
If you offer a £100 self-study product, there are more people out there than you think who would buy a £1,000 programme, and you’ll also find people who will be willing to invest in a £5,000 VIP Programme.
However, they won’t ask if you don’t put it together and offer them the chance to buy it.
They won’t approach you and say; “I would like one of these. Can you do it?”
But if you go to them and say, “I’ve got a super deluxe VIP Programme” you might just get a surprise when someone says Yes

Survey Your Clients
A great way to make sure you are giving your market what they really want, and are therefore more likely to be prepared to pay for, is a whole lot easier than you think – ASK THEM!
Seriously, don’t waste your time and energy creating products and programmes you think they need, ask them what they need and then create it.
This is incredibly easy to do, by email, using Survey Monkey, Facebook Surveys, or just posts on your own Blog or Facebook Page, and they are all free too.
Simply ask your audience relevant questions, such as “What are your top 3 challenges”, relating to what you do, “What do you most need help with” – where their potential answers could be A,B or C.
You might get a surprise! You will certainly then have a much better idea of what they want, and you will then know you are creating something your potential clients are likely to pay for instead of guessing.

There’s your starter 5 Tips, for more you can sign up for my weekly tips and/or come and join us in the Coaches’ Zone Facebook Group